Handmade quality candles from organic canola wax and beeswax from bees that pollinated flowers in Sweden.

These eco-friendly candles burn with a clear and fine flame. Rapeseed/canola wax and beeswax are considered carbon neutral and are the best climate choice.

The candles are available both unscented and with aromatic ethereal scents or with synthetic scents.

Burning time 40 hours.

Cut the wick about 5mm before lighting the candle. Do not let the candle burn down to the bottom, extinguish it when only 1 cm of wax remains at the bottom.

Weight of light mass 195 grams.

Eco cotton wick coated with vegetable wax.

Frosted glass jar with lid made of FSC approved wood.

Packed one by one in a product box made of environmentally friendly paper.