Lease hive

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The bees live in a hive painted with raw linseed oil and wood tar.

Säljans Beegård takes care of everything with the bees and you get your own honey tapped and ready in glass jars.

We design honey labels according to your wishes. Honey is delivered in July or August each year.

All beehives, roof and bottom are handmade in FCS certified wood. We do not use plastic or styrofoam cups.

Lecture and study visit to the beehive included.

The beehive placed in one of our apiaries in Säljan or Kungsberget. Or placed at your place in Sweden or Finland. A local bee keeper take care of the bees according to our standardized procedures.

For those of you who have properties in several locations will the bee hives and honey labels bee uniform and we, you and local beekeepers cooperate for the environment and climate together. Together will we mix the social sustainability with the ecological sustainability.

We would like to see the collaboration extend to at least 2 years.

The cost is for one year and one delivery of honey within Sweden or Finland per year.