MELTA - Whisper

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Säljans Bigård's MELTA Whisper is made by hand with love and care to be a good choice for the environment and health.

MELTA - Whisper is a refreshing and healing scent of eucalyptus with notes of fruit and mint.

Let 1-2 pieces of Melta melt in a Melta lantern to give your home a wonderful fragrance. You can use them over and over again until no scent remains.

Contents: Organic canola wax, green mica (crushed natural mineral) and aromatic essential Eucalyptus oil.


We pack 8 pieces of Melta in a package together with some wood wool from Swedish spruce. The wood wool is perfect to use as a fire starter, in the vegetable garden, the compost or mixed into the food waste that is given for recycling.

Fragrance duration: 64 hours (8 hours per Melta)

Weight: 48 grams

All little sweet Melta are handmade in Sandviken.