Agenda 2030 Goal 15 - Of course you can make a difference


We can ALL make a difference to together reach the Global Goals in Agenda 2030 , I am completely convinced of that.

Certain areas, depending on who you are, where you live and what you can influence, are more relevant and easier to contribute to, which is not so strange as we are many people on earth who can make a difference from many different directions. Together we can do it!

For me, Goal 15 is particularly close to my heart and it is around that that I will talk about today.

We begin with a description of that goal.

Agenda 2030, Goal 15: The ecosystem and biological diversity

Protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of land-based ecosystems, sustainably farm forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt the loss of biodiversity.

In order for us to survive on earth, sustainable ecosystems and biological diversity are needed. It is a challenge to provide all the people on earth with food, water, energy and raw materials without harming biodiversity, but it is important for our survival that it is as sustainable as possible.

There are 12 sub-goals within this goal to break it down more clearly, please read more about each one here.

Some good things for the ecosystem and biodiversity that I hope you can help with are:

  • Set up a birdhouse in your garden.
  • Set up an insect hotel.
  • Buy only FSC-labelled wood and paper.
  • Put up "No advertising" on the mailbox and avoid paper invoices.
  • Sort waste, recycle and reuse.
  • Do not use pesticides when you grow.
  • Avoid tourist attractions with live wildlife.
  • Use organic fertilizer.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Do not buy products that are tested on animals.
  • Review your decisions. Are the companies you buy from involved in practices that harm the environment?
  • Contribute to the conservation of endangered species.
  • Help eradicate innovative species such as lupines because they crowd out wild flora such as meadow flowers that wild bees need.
  • Do not buy products obtained through illegal wildlife trade.
  • Encourage your loved ones to learn more about the environment.
  • Grow crops on balconies and gardens.
  • Eat more vegetarian.
  • Reduce food waste, don't throw food away.
  • Choose organic products or products from companies you know/know to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

At first you may have thought that you cannot influence the Global Goals that much, but I hope that you now see several things that you can make a difference in to save our planet.

Warm greetings Chatarina

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