About us

Bees, butterflies and other pollinators are vital for the food production on our planet, but they are threatened so an increased focus on sustainability, pollination and organic farming is needed, this is one of the reasons behind the decision to become a beekeeper and start a bee farm in Sandviken.

Chatarina is the goal-oriented Engineer in Industrial Economics who, with love for all living things on earth, has lots of ideas for more sustainable consumption and environmentally friendly products. Chatarina approved beekeeper at Jordbruksverket and professional beekeeper at Fristad Folkhögskola with a journeyman's certificate in beekeeping in 2022.

Pierre is the passionate inquisitive Technician who is constantly learning new things about nature and science and is great at reusing, renovating and using new technology for economically sustainable production.

Pierre is approved beekeeper at Jordbruksverket, completed basic training for beekeeping in 2019 and is also interested in how beekeeping is managed on the bees' own terms, the so-called top-bar beekeeping, and has allowed a bee colony to move into a natural hive with a window where study visitors can look in at the bees. In the natural hive, the bees build their wax cakes completely freely on slats (top-bar hive).

We work to inspire all people to want to contribute to increased sustainability for bees, people and our planet.

The bee loving team: Chatarina Berglund and Pierre Larsson