Cooperative beekeeping

It is now possible to book shares for the year 2023

Join us and contribute

By purchasing a share in a beehive, even you who do not want to take care of your own bees can participate and contribute to increasing pollination. Care of bees and handling of honey is managed by Säljans Beegård according to ecological principles.


The cooperative owners are invited to a joint summer meeting in the apiary where we talk about beekeeping, have a quiz and offer tee / coffee / soft drink and cakes baked with honey.

Family members or friends of the cooperative beekeeping owner are also welcome at the summer meeting.

Cooperative owners SEK 0. Children 0-6 years SEK 0. From 7 years and older SEK 100.

We lend bee protection clothing  to those who want to take a closer look at the bees.

Locally produced products

Cooperative owners receive per unit: two jars of honey.

If the cooperative hive does not produce a honey harvest, the honey will be taken from another hive.

The products can be picked up at Säljans Bigård in August or they will be sent as a package to those of you who live further away.

Unit owner

A share costs SEK 800/year and is valid from March to September.

Share certificate with share number is sent out digitally after payment.

Newsletters are sent to shareholders twice a year.

A hive contains 20 shares.

Shareholders cannot be required to make additional payments.

It should be easy to become a cooperative beekeeper and you don't have to work in the apiary or handle the honey, we take care of everything.

As a shareholder, you are very important to us as your contribution means that we have the opportunity to expand and expand our beekeeping in an economically sustainable way. You are also helping to increase Sweden's degree of food self-sufficiency and strengthen our ecosystem.

How to book a share

Send an email to:

Enter the name, address and mobile number of the person who is to be the shareholder.

We will let you know which share number will be yours.

Pay via swish: 123 126 4118, mark payment with "unit owner" and your unit number.

For companies we sent an invoice.