Do you want to lease your own beehive?

Create a competitive advantage

With a low investment in time and money, you can get high dividends in the form of competitiveness in your markets.

Show your most important stakeholders that you invest sustainably and work to stop the loss of biodiversity.

Regularly improve your sustainability policy and gain a competitive advantage. A work within AGENDA 2030, goal 15 that inspires and raises your status with both employees, customers, suppliers, owners and partners.

With a hive of bees, you have contributed to pollinating around 5 billion flowers.

We offer you to lease bees in one of our apiaries, we design a unique label for your honey jars and make nice photos to communicate your good sustainability work.

Säljans Bee Farm takes care of all the work with the bees and keeps the apiary clean and tidy all year round. Beehives are made of linseed oil-treated FSC approved wood material to be durable and environmentally friendly.

The leasing agreement includes a subscription to our educational material/slide shows with different sections on ecosystems, pollination, bees and sustainability, which are sent out every four months. We are also happy to have a webinar/lecture on bees, pollination and sustainability. You are welcome to come on a study visit to one of the apiaries and we of course have protective clothing to lend.


Honey that makes a difference to both the environment and your business
Sustainability as a competitive advantage
Communicate your sustainability work for increased profitability
We have the skills and knowledge to help you take more climate action


Do you also want to create a competitive advantage?

Feel free to contact us for more information or if you have special requests.

Example of a honey jar for one of our leasing customers: