Completion of the beekeeping course


This weekend was the last time on the beekeeping course for me and Pierre and the topic was oxalic acid treatment, which is the last thing you do with the bees of the year. This has been a very good training and our course leader Agneta has been fantastic, even though Corona came and messed with the course structure. It was solved by the fact that from March we have had all opportunities outdoors in both the association's apiary and the course leader's private, it has given us many opportunities to practice practically and to see many different bee societies, both strong and weak as well as queenless societies. It's just that we think we got a better course now with all these opportunities to sit in an apiary and study the bees on site compared to sitting in a study room. Many fruitful discussions have taken place and since we have had our own bees to train on at home as well, there have been many questions and the answers sometimes even more.

Now we have received our diplomas and we also brought a small flower to the course leader as we want to show our appreciation that we are more than satisfied with this superb course.

Greetings Chatarina and Pierre

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