Scented candles that smell amazing


Several times we have made our own scented candles and now we are starting to find our own recipes and methods that work best for us. Tests are ongoing on a small scale, but with the idea that we should be able to manufacture on a large scale before launch. It's so exciting and you can easily get a little impatient as the scents you mix have to mature for about a week before you can light the candles and smell the result. The new candle containers with wooden lids have now arrived and the first candles have been made in them. We are slowly making progress towards making eco-friendly scented candles that smell amazing. Candles that will be perfume-free, with essential oils and with fragrance oils. The candle mass is organic canola wax and Swedish beeswax. Free from paraffin, palm oil and stearin, which are bad for the environment.

Warm hugs from SÄLJANS BIGÅRD

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