To get more people to find locally produced food and drink


We are now happy members of the Food Value Association. We share their vision, work and way of thinking in increasing both the volume and quality of our own locally produced food and drink. We want to collaborate and network with other local producers and consumers so that we can become more self-sufficient in food in our region. We want to contribute to increased awareness of the multifaceted benefits of being able to buy locally what has been sustainably produced in the local area. More jobs, financially sustainable for the entrepreneurs and at the same time tastier and healthier with small-scale produced food for all of us who live in Gävleborg.

Matvärden writes as follows on his website:

"A region's food and drink tells us something about us who live and work here. We therefore want the production of food and drink in our region to increase in volume and quality so that people who live here and who visit us can partake of what we have to offer – from farm to table.
The association MatVärden, formerly HälsingeLivs, is a non-profit association that was started in 2006 so that we can jointly drive development towards our vision: Sustainable food production in Gävleborg. The association's members consist of both private individuals and companies who want to be involved and work to achieve our vision."
So a tip from us, on MatVärden - Sustainable food for the future ( you can see what is available near you.
Warm greetings Säljans Bigård

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