Plant flowers and plants for pollinators

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what you can do to support the situation of the pollinators at home in your own garden. Here are some tips and ideas that I think can be helpful when choosing plants.

1) Think flowering plants over a long period of time. Flowers that alternate so that there is always something blooming. From early spring until autumn. Many different kinds of flowers give you a garden with many different kinds of pollinators.

2) Be lazy is also a tip. Let the lawn bloom with, among other things, dandelions, clover and wild flowers. Only mow half the lawn at a time if you still want to mow it. Or mow only small paths in the lawn and let most of the lawn grow freely.

3) Choose flat single flowering plants. Avoid refined and stuffed flowers that are mostly beautiful to us humans, they rarely provide any pollen and nectar to the insects.

Suggestions for perennials:

Clove, heather, lavender, steppe sage, border nepata, storm hat, various types of fists, love herb, various types of phlox, giant verbena, thyme, boll thistle, alum root, chives, oregano, mint, aniseed, goldenrod and fall anemone.

Suggestions for trees and shrubs:

Apple trees, Cherry trees, Currant bushes, Gooseberries, Willows, Blueberries, Burdock, Honeysuckle, Hazel, Hawthorn, Bonewood, Lilac, Schersmin, Roses with single flowers, Linden, Maple, Raspberry and Aronia.

Create a simple living garden that many different insects thrive in. Sustainability for bees, people and our planet!

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