Why should you eat seasonal food?


In a previous post "What is sustainable consumption of food?" I talked about sustainable food consumption and that one thing you can do is to eat seasonally.

So to the question, Why should you eat seasonal food?

Vegetables and fruit grow and ripen at different times of the year and in Sweden not much grows during the winter, most of it has to be imported. Eating seasonal food means eating food that is grown in our vicinity right now.

So from an environmental perspective, it is better to eat food that does not need to be imported. This reduces transport and emissions.

From an economic perspective, it is wise to buy seasonal food as what is in season is available in larger quantities and the price is lower than when it is not in season.

The health perspective is that the vegetables/fruit contain more nutrients and taste better as it has been harvested just when it is ripe (Compared to fruit that is picked on the other side of the globe and ripens during the transport time to Sweden).

Read also at the Nature Conservation Society.

Now it is the month of March and I have listed what are seasonal vegetables right now. See picture below.

Are you up for a challenge?

Let at least two of the vegetables/fruits below be on your plate every day throughout March!

Sincerely, Chatarina

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