Honey that makes a difference

Swedish honey from Gästrikland with exciting natural taste variations of nectar from flowers in the surrounding area during spring, summer and autumn gives us both light and dark varieties of honey.


The unique thing about Säljans Bigård's honey is the difference in taste and color depending on which hive and month the honey was harvested.


This is the honey for us who appreciate the natural difference between early summer honey, high summer honey, late summer honey and black honey.

Variegated honey is honey that must meet a number of different criteria. It takes a great deal of precision and knowledge to assess the honey at just the right time in order to get pure variety honey. To get it certified, each batch of varietal honey is sent for analysis.


Some varieties will only be available in limited quantities.

Liquid honey is cold drawn, raw, natural, untouched and not heated in the process. The liquid honey will crystallize after some time. Store at room temperature and use within a few months or put in the freezer. (Do not store in the refrigerator because it crystallizes best at around 12 - 14 degrees).

Medium strength honey is cold drawn, raw, natural, stirred and not heated in the process. Stirred, it is made according to our own recipe with a graft to make it smooth and creamy in texture. A graft provides a controlled complete crystallization so that the honey can last many years at room temperature with the same smooth texture in medium solid form.

Honey in wax cake is a real delicacy. Here, the honey remains in the bees' own wax cake, which means that the honey is not thrown or touched. It can't get more natural than that.

Thanks to your choice of honey, you are contributing to more pollinators and increased biological diversity in Gästrikland.

Honey that makes a difference to the environment - with a difference in taste and color shade!