Environment and sustainability


Säljans Bigård wants to make a difference and take our responsibility for a long-term sustainable development for the bees' welfare, social and social responsibility through partnerships and collaborations with other companies and schools, manufacturing, improvement of the ecosystem and biological diversity in Gästrikland, in the transports and the choice of packaging.

Honey bees should be as comfortable as possible and cared for as a valuable pet. If the bees are well, the pollination will be better and give us the honey that tastes good in both the mouth and the conscience, so we think.

We take responsibility for the entire chain from bee to consumer and guarantee that the honey has been handled with the highest quality all the way to you.


We don't just think about sustainability, we also act sustainably. In our sustainability policy, the goals are described in more detail in the following areas:

  • Collaborations
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Financial sustainability
  • Zero waste /minimal waste of resources
  • Social sustainability
  • The ecosystem
  • Environmentally friendly beekeeping
  • Wood material in beehives


We are happy to contribute with lectures and study visits in the apiary to schools and companies.

We participate in the Nobel Prize museum, Forskarhjälpen 2021 - 2022, "Pollenjakten" by collecting pollen to be analyzed for a survey of Sweden's flora.

We are members of the association Matvärden, Svenska Bin, SBR and Beekeeping Companies.


We strive to reuse and make use of as much as possible. The surplus beeswax is cleaned and turned into tea lights. Packaging is reused. Honey and wax residues are carefully collected and donated to feed Brown Bears at Wild Nordic in Kungsberg. Beehives are maintained so that the lifespan is longer.


Packaging is important because it must protect the products both during storage, transport and with the customer until they are consumed. Säljans Bigård's goal is to only use packaging made from at least 75% recycled material.

The system for packaging in a circular system is closed when the consumer sorts the waste and leaves the packaging for recycling, so there can be new packaging. Glass is a material that can be recycled an unlimited number of times without deteriorating quality. Paper packaging and paper bags must not contain fibers from threatened forests.

Glass jars for honey are approved for food contact and storage and contain no substances harmful to health.

The glass jars that have contained honey or canola wax candles are easy to wash clean and you can use them for other storage or hand them in for glass recycling.

The lid for the honey jar, the small wick holder in the candles and the jar for Leather Butter are recycled as metal.

Packaging materials are recycled as paper packaging.

The wooden lid for the candles is recycled as wood.

The wood wool in the Melta packaging is from Swedish spruce and perfect to use as a fire starter, in the vegetable garden, your own compost or mix with food waste for recycling.

We encourage our customers and neighbors to leave paper, plastic and metal in the recycling bins set up outside the Honey House.