Lights and scents that make a difference!

Wonderful handmade candles that spread calm and harmony in any room.
Eco-friendly canola & beeswax candles and Melta (scented wax) are handcrafted with love and care to be a good choice for the environment and health. With great care, we have carefully selected ingredients to produce candles of the highest quality combined with the best for everything and everyone. We think there should be more options of eco-friendly candles that have a more rustic and natural style on the market.

Säljans Bigård's Candle in a glass jar contains a candle mass of organic canola wax and Swedish beeswax, which are renewable raw materials.

Beeswax candles as tealights contain a light mass of only Swedish beeswax (no rapeseed wax).

All surplus beeswax in our beekeeping is reused (zero waste). Use a canola & beeswax candles instead of paraffin candles and you will contribute to an improvement in carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).

Säljans Bigårds Melta contains organic canola wax, mica powder (natural minerals) and only essential fragrance oils.

We manufacture the candles and Melta by hand in Sandviken, Sweden.

The fragrance oils have been selected with great consideration for the environment and health. Of course, we only use non-animal tested oils.

Eco cotton wick in the candles in a glass jar is coated with vegetable wax.

The candles may contain traces of bee pollen in the beeswax.

Shade difference in natural beeswax occurs and you can see that as proof that these candles are a craft.

Shade difference may occur on Melta as we make them in small batches.


Let the candle burn for 2-3 hours so that a tunnel does not form in the middle of the candle. Cut the wick before lighting the candle. Always keep the wick short so the flame doesn't get too big, too big a flame causes the candle to burn out too quickly.

Stop burning the candle when only 5mm of candle mass remains at the bottom to avoid the flame becoming high, sooting or becoming a fire hazard.

Do not leave burning candles unattended.

Distance at least 20 cm between the candles.

Store cool (max 25 degrees) and not in direct sunlight.


Did you know that in Sweden, 46,000 tons of light are used per year? If all of them were paraffin, Sweden's carbon dioxide emissions from candles would be equivalent to 67,000 gasoline-powered cars (CO2 based on cars in 2018). The Norwegian Public Health Institute equates paraffin candles with passive smoking.

Säljans Bigård's candles do not contain stearin, paraffin (residual product from petroleum production), hormone-disrupting phthalates, parabens, preservatives, animal fat or palm oil.

Lighting candles from renewable raw materials (rapeseed wax and beeswax) is considered carbon neutral and is a climate-smart choice. Enjoying handmade candles gives a wonderful feeling, give it a try.

Säljans Bigård - Sustainability for bees, people and our planet!