Craft soap - Natural soap

Handmade natural soaps that are better for the environment and your skin. Reduce your environmental impact by using natural, organic and at the same time sustainable products.

Genuine natural soaps that are made by hand in a cold-stirred process at Säljans Bigård are a pure pleasure that we enjoy creating.

Soaps that care for your skin, make it smooth and soft while gently cleansing. We have added extra caring substances depending on the type of soap to create soaps that suit different skin types. Examples include calendula and chamomile extracts which are good for sensitive skin. White clay and green clay. Shea butter is a very nourishing fat for everyone, so our soaps contain shea butter in all natural soaps.

The soaps are overfatted, which means that the soaps contain more fat than is needed in the chemical process to make soap and it makes for a more skin-friendly soap.

Let your solid natural soap dry airily and properly because then it will last longer.