common questions

Are the products safe for people with allergies?

Allergies are personal and what you cannot tolerate varies, so we cannot give an individual answer to this. Read the list of contents on each product.

Our perfume-free candle Naturell is without fragrance oil and is recommended for those sensitive to fragrance as it contains only 100% rapeseed and beeswax. The candles with aromatic or synthetic fragrance oil may contain low quantities of some of the 26 substances listed by the EU as possible allergens. Since aromatic oil is completely natural, it is easy to think that it is non-allergenic, but that is not true, for example citrus peel naturally contains a substance that can cause allergic reactions in the respiratory tract.

Honey contains traces of pollen that can cause allergic reactions.

Honeybees have a venomous sting that you can react to if you are stung. However, bees do not care about people as they are only interested in flowers and water when they are out flying, but if you squeeze a bee you can get stung. Remove the venom barb as quickly as possible as it pumps out venom over a period of time.

Can I give honey to toddlers?

No. Children under 1 year should not eat honey because their competitive flora in the intestine has not had time to develop and they can suffer from botulism. Botulism is a rare and serious disease caused by Clostridium botulinum, bacteria found in nature where bees get their food. The risk of being affected is very small, but you should follow the Swedish Food Agency's recommendations.

How should honey be stored?

Store best at room temperature.

Do not put liquid honey in the refrigerator, because at 12-14 degrees it crystallizes quickly.
If you want to save liquid honey for later, freeze it. In the freezer, all the beneficial substances in the honey are maintained and the crystallization process pauses so that it retains its liquid consistency.

Liquid honey crystallizes after a certain time, how long it takes depends on the proportion of dextrose and fructose. Crystallized honey is not wrong to eat and can be gently heated in a water bath to 32 degrees to become liquid again.

How can you have liquid honey all year round?

The freshly poured liquid honey is poured directly into jars and placed in freezers. When we receive an order, we thaw the honey in a lukewarm water bath. In the freezer, the natural crystallization of honey is paused.

We never boil or heat a honey above 32 degrees, so therefore the good bacteria and the beneficial amino acids are always left in the honey.

How long a liquid honey stays liquid varies greatly between different honeys. It depends on the proportion of fructose and dextrose. A honey with a high proportion of fructose stays liquid longer.

Do you have a farm shop?

No, we do not have a farm shop. We have an online store and if you want to collect your products from us, you select "local collection" when you check out at the checkout. Then we collect your products and notify you when they are ready for collection at Lundagatan 13 in Sandviken. Normal lead time for orders is 24 hours.

We also sell our products through retailers and in their stores. See dealer list.