Beeswax - Covering wax

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This is beeswax from covering wax for cosmetics, food and beeswax cloths. Covering wax is the pure beeswax with which the bees cover the finished honey.

For those of you who want to make your own products for, for example, impregnation of wood, leather or fabric, we instead recommend the cheaper beeswax from melted frames.


100% Swedish beeswax from cover wax


SEK 150.00/hg including VAT

SEK 1500.00/Kg including VAT


We have melted, cleaned and filtered beeswax and poured it into smaller molds. An order of 1 hectare for SEK 150.00 can contain a number of small beeswax pieces.

We weigh them so that they fit your order as well as possible. Weight can vary by +/- 10% depending on how heavy the different beeswax pieces are.