Bivaxfabriken - 3-pack "FÄGRA" Beeswax cloths

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Store your food in the fridge in a beeswax cloth so the food stays fresher for longer and you reduce the use of single-use plastic.

Perfect for packing ready-made sandwiches that you take with you as a lunch or snack.

The beeswax factory's beeswax cloths:

  • Holding extremely tight
  • Keeps food fresher longer
  • Are reusable 400 times
  • Are handmade by Swedish beeswax

A neat craft that works very simply:

1. The heat from your hands causes the beeswax in the cloth to melt, causing it to stick and shape as desired

2. When you then put the beeswax cloth in the fridge, it hardens and keeps its shape

3. The beeswax cloth is then washed in lukewarm water and then air dried

The package contains three sizes:

20x20cm - perfect for smaller bowls, fruit & vegetables

25x25cm - perfect for medium bowls, cheese

35x35cm - perfect for large bowls, bread & lunch boxes


Beeswax, pine resin & organic coconut oil.

Did you know?

Beeswax cloths have been used for hundreds of years for food storage until big business came along and started mass-producing the cheaper alternative to single-use plastic. But after increased levels of plastic around nature & sea, many have now found their way back to beeswax cloths, which are actually a better alternative for both the planet and food. Today, Bivaxfabriken's beeswax cloths are found in over 30,000 households around the country!