BEESWAX - Tealights candle

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Beeswax tea light that contains 100% Swedish beeswax. These candles are handmade by us at Säljans Bigård.

Using beeswax candles is the best environmental choice of candles. Beeswax is biodegradable. The beeswax has been produced by honey bees in the hive and not in any factory. As well as this, the small industrious honeybees have pollinated lots of flowers, which is a vital but threatened pollination service.

When you use beeswax candles, you contribute to sustainability for bees, people and our planet.

Beeswax candles ionize and purify the air from dust particles when they burn, while a lovely scent of honey spreads in the room. How great isn't that?

Ingredient: Swedish beeswax and cotton wick

Burning time: 4 hours per tealight

Weight: 18 grams per tealight

Care advice:

Place the candle in a glass container on a heat-resistant surface.

The glass container can be reused.

Do not leave burning candles unattended.