Dish and cleaning soap - Lemongrass and eucalyptus

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Wash and clean with an organic soap. The soap is made according to old-fashioned soap making with a cold-stirred process.

This soap does not contain parabens, sulfates, palm oil or perfume. The fragrance comes from organic essential oil. The dish and cleaning soap is not overgreased so as not to leave a greasy film on what you have washed.


A fresh scent of lemongrass and a faint note of eucalyptus.

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When washing by hand:

Lightly sweep the dish brush over the soap to create some suds and then wash.

For cleaning:

Pour a bowl of warm water and let the soap sit for half a minute. Alternatively, rub lightly with a damp cleaning cloth directly on the soap. Or make your own natural cleaner by mixing some grated soap with water.


Allow the soap to air dry after use. Feel free to put the soap on a loofah disc because the loofah absorbs liquid very well.


Organic coconut oil, glycerin, water, bicarbonate, organic essential oil.


Cocos nucifera oil, glycerin, aqua, sodium bicarbonate, limonene*, citral*

*natural in essential oil


80 grams before storage