Dog shampoo soap - Sensitive

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Wash your dog clean with an organic and handmade shampoo soap. The soap is made according to old-fashioned soap making with a cold-stirred process using the finest raw materials we can find.

Our soaps do not contain preservatives, parabens, sulfates, palm oil or perfume.


Dog shampoo soap - Sensitive is topped with Tea tree oil and green clay which acts as an anti-itch, soothing and anti-infection agent for dogs with dandruff, fungus, wounds, eczema or itchy insect bites.


A light scent from Tea tree.

Tea tree can be described as a top note with a camphor-like scent.

Packaging free

This dog shampoo soap is delivered unpackaged with only a product label. We do this as a sustainable choice for the environment.

When shampooing

Wet the dog thoroughly. Run the soap over part of the fur first, massage in a little. Continue until the entire fur has received some soap. Rinse the dog so that the first layer of dirt is washed off. Then massage the soap through and now you can do it more thoroughly and take the opportunity to give your dog a nice massage. Rinse off the soap very thoroughly.


Allow the soap to air dry after use. Feel free to hang it on the rope or in a sisal bag.

Tea tree

From the Australian tea tree, tea tree oil is extracted by steam distilling the branches and leaves. It is therefore not required to cut down the entire tree, which is sustainable for our planet. In Australia, tea tree oil has traditionally been used as a beneficial medicinal plant for various skin problems as it appears to possess antibacterial properties.


Organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, glycerin, water, organic tea tree oil, green clay.


Olea europaea, Cocos nucifiera oil, butyrospermum parkii butter, glycerin, aqua, linalool*, limonene*, montmorrilonite.

* Naturally occurring in essential oil


100 grams before storage