MELTA - Lantern - Handmade

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Hand-turned in stoneware. Our local collaboration with talented Maria at Seestaden's ceramics in Sandviken.

This is our most charming version of the Melta lantern, which is perfect for melting small Melta with.

Color: White

Height: 10 cm. Handmade and may vary slightly in size.

The lantern is made of stoneware clay that is glaze-fired at 1225 degrees.

Light a tealight at the bottom of the Melta lantern, put 1-2 Melta with your favorite scent at the top of the melting cup.

Enjoy looking at the fine lantern, enjoy watching the little Melta melt into liquid wax that shimmers beautifully, enjoy the aromatic scent and give yourself a moment of peace and quiet.

Tip: Make your own scent blend by melting two different types of Melta.

Allow the Melta lantern to cool completely in the refrigerator and carefully peel off the melting wax when changing. Possibly heat the bottom of the melting cup just enough so that the piece of wax releases more easily. Vegetable canola wax can be thrown into the compost/food waste recycling.

The Melta lantern is dishwasher safe.