Pure honey

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Cold rolled Swedish honey without additives from SÄLJANS BIGÅRD. Lovely honey that has been carefully handled.

This honey has not been heated to preserve all the beneficial substances. All honey is liquid immediately after casting but will crystallize after a while, how quickly depends on the proportion of dextrose and fruit sugar it contains. 

The apiary in Säljan is located in a meadow between allotments and villa gardens. Here there is a very large variety of cultivated flowers as well as some wild flowers.

The apiary in Kungsberget is located at the edge of the forest against a meadow with meadow flowers. Here there are few garden flowers within the bees' flight distance, but the majority of the flowers the bees visit are wild forest flowers.

Weight 230 grams

Tip: Liquid honey stored in the freezer maintains a liquid consistency and as honey has a low water content, it thaws quickly. We freeze honey to be able to sell liquid honey all year round.