Tassalva Beeswax small jar

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A perfume-free caring and softening ointment is suitable for Dry Paws. A handmade product using carefully selected organic oils, organic carnabua wax and beeswax.

If the dog licks the ointment, there is no danger as all ingredients are non-toxic.

Shea butter is a moisturizing oil that contains vitamins A, E and F. Our raw shea butter comes from organic farms on the West African savanna and is also called "Women's gold" thanks to the fact that the production gives hundreds of thousands of women work and increased status in society.

Organic carnabua wax is completely free of pesticides (chemicals) and the wax is extracted from the leaves that are picked by hand from organically grown carnabua palms in Brazil. This makes the carnabua wax a sustainable choice as the palm is allowed to grow year after year and is not cut down to be harvested. The wax has protective properties for skin and provides a water-repellent surface. Carnabu wax is non-toxic and approved as a GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE.

Do this:

Lubricate with soft movements the dog's paw/foot pad with the ointment. Preferably once a day.

ATTENTION! Never lubricate more than half the tread pad in the same day. Dogs sweat through the tread pads.


At room temperature.

Color changes occur between different batches because both beeswax and olive oil vary in color according to season.


organic olive oil

Swedish beeswax

organic raw shea butter

organic carnauba wax


olea europaea, cera flava, butyrospermum parkii, copernicia cerifera cera.


30 grams